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"We'll Buy Your Car! Sell Your Car Fast & Get Cash In Imperial Beach"

Wrecked car and don’t know where to start?

Wrecks can be devastating and leave you with a car that doesn’t run or is totaled. You may not be sure how to get your vehicle to a junk yard in Imperial Beach. Cash for Cars in Imperial Beach is looking to buy your car! Just visit us online and fill out a quick form or give us a call. You’ll receive a fair offer for your car right then. We’ll come to you, hand you cash, and haul your car off for you. It really doesn’t get any easier than that. That is peace of mind that you can trust during an uncertain time.

Need your clunker hauled off to the junker?

We will pay cash and remove your car in Imperial Beach! It doesn’t matter what condition your vehicle is in because we will give you a fair offer immediately. You don’t need to pay a junk yard to take your car and haul it there. You don’t need to go to try to find a dealer or individual and haggle for a price because Cash for Cars in Imperial Beach will handle your junk car removal regardless of whether your car isin top condition, barely running or has extensive damage. We take all cars in all shapes and forms.

We’ll give you cash for your clunker and haul it off to the junker!

Tired of trying to sell online?

Cash for Cars in Imperial Beach will take all the work out of selling your junk car. No more online postings and trying to weed through serious offers and spam. You don’t need to work with a dealer for a trade-in if your car is not in the best condition. Simply give us a call or visit us online to fill out a very simple form. We’ll ask basic questions about your vehicle like the year, make and model. We’ll also ask about any damage to the vehicle and whether it is running. You’ll immediately receive an offer for your car. If you accept that offer, we’ll come to you with cash in hand and remove your vehicle, regardless of whether it is running or not. Often in the same day! We’ll handle all the DMV paperwork for you.

How do we value your car?

Clearly, more than you do! Of course, life happens and sometimes you need to get rid of a car. Cash for Cars in Imperial Beach will take many aspects into consideration to price your car. Simply call us or fill out our quick and easy form online and we’ll use this information to immediately give you a price for your vehicle. We can usually remove your car the same day as well.

We will make it essentially effortless for you!

In addition to giving you cash for your junk car, we make it so easy that its nearly effortless. Cash for Cars in Imperial Beach will do all the work for you.

Get a good price for your car instead of trading in.

We buy cars in Imperial Beach. Are you trying to get a new car, but the dealer just isn’t offering you what you feel your car is worth? Give Cars for Cash a call and we’ll give you cash for your down payment. We’ll look as several aspects of your vehicle to get you the right price. If your car is in great condition, runs great and there is a high demand for it then you’ll receive even more! Even if your car isn’t in the best condition and maybe isn’t even running, we’ll still pay you and pick it up. No car dealership is going to offer you that!

Have a hobby car that you are never going to finish?

Is your significant other hounding you to get rid of the junk-mobile on cinder blocks in the front yard? Or maybe you have a hobby car that you have finally comes to term with and the car has won. Get paid cash today for your vehicle and have it hauled off for you! No need to worry about dealing with the DMV and title paperwork, because we will handle that for you! We’ve saved your marriage, gotten the Home Owner’s Association off your back and cleaned up your yard. As a bonus you even got paid for the near zero effort that you put in! Just give us a call or fill out our simple online form today.