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Junk or partially dismantled vehicles on your property can be an eyesore, a major inconvenience, and sometimes draw complaints from neighbors, housing authorities, and even law enforcement. A vehicle that is no longer running or sits static, weathers and depreciates, decreasing its value even further. Junk and unwanted vehicles also cost the owner property space, minimal labor and upkeep, and the cost of a towing charge to have the vehicle removed from the property. These negative aspects of keeping a junk vehicle on the property can test the patience of any home or business owner. The owner of a junk car now has a great alternative when a company has the motto, we buy cars. The offer couldn't be more welcome when that company states that they will give you top dollar, handle the towing, and expedite the removal. All of it, hassle free!

Selling a junk car is just a click away on the internet or as easy as dialing a telephone number. From a website, all a seller has to do is follow the simple process of entering the required information in the fields or boxes. These inputs will include the make, model, year and, if needed, the sub-model of your vehicle. The next stage will include questions about the condition will cover a broader area of topics. Such questions will include the drivable status, if all tires contain air, if the body panels and door are intact, number and size of dents, presence of window glass, interior condition, and flood or fire damage. A seller will also be asked if the vehicle is paid off and if legal title exists. (This information can be relayed over the phone).

From the information the seller provides, they will be given a fast, top-dollar appraisal quote right on the screen, or phone. The customer can agree to the selling price and confirm it with simple click, or verbal agreement. The seller will then provide the company with the address of the vehicle and indicate a convenient time for pickup--in some cases the same day. The vehicle will be prepped for removal and towed at no expense. All environmental considerations will be used to transport the vehicle in a clean, safe, and orderly manner, without damage, spills or hazards. It's that easy!