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Trying to Sell Your Junk Car in San Diego?

Do you have a used, broken down, or damaged car that you’re trying to get off your hands in San Diego? If so, Cash for Cars is the perfect option for you! At Cash for Cars San Diego we do the hard work so you don’t have to, and we’ll pay you for it. Getting rid of junk cars used to be a pain, but with our streamlined process that can often allow for same day pick up (although this is not guaranteed) we make it as painless as possible. No more dealing with online classifieds, bringing your vehicle to a local junk yard in San Diego, or having to figure out how else to get rid of your broken down vehicle. Cash for Cars is here to help.

What We Buy

At Cash for Cars, we will buy your car in San Diego, no matter the condition. Is your car:

If any of these conditions apply to the vehicle sitting in your driveway right now, then we want to pay you to take it away. It’s an easy, frictionless process that allows you to get paid for your vehicle even if it hasn’t run in years. It has never been so easy to get cash for junk cars, and it’s available in your neighborhood!

How Much Will You Get Paid?

As is commonly known in the car industry, every vehicle is valued differently. A newer, running vehicle that is in good condition will be valued higher than an older vehicle that is no longer running or has been in a major accident. Additionally, there are other elements that affect the value of your vehicle, including:

There are many aspects that go into car valuation. Some makes and models also have better resale prices, and therefore command more money. But, not to worry: At Cash for Cars San Diego we are committed to buying your car. We even offer free junk car removal, so the most amount of work you’ll have to do is picking up the phone to give us a call.

The Cash for Cars Process

Selling or trading in your vehicle can often be a difficult, drawn out process, with different prospective buyers haggling on the price, or car dealerships trying to squeeze every dollar possible out of you. That method is not how we do it at Cash for Cars San Diego. Even if you’re not fully convinced you want to sell your car, pick up the phone and give us a call or fill out our contact form for an instant price. We offer free pick up and removal, and we even will take care of all the DMV paperwork for you. Gone are the days of sitting in long lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles, waiting to transfer the title or complete other tasks necessary for selling a vehicle. With Cash for Cars, we will make sure our clients won’t need to deal with the DMV. Again, the most work that you’ll need to do is just dialing the number and giving us a call, and many times we can pick up your car the same day.

Not Sure if We’ll Buy Your Damaged Vehicle?

This is a common concern among many people who are considering trying to get rid of their junk car. Many times, potential customers will just leave their vehicle outside their homes to rust away and become more and more damaged beyond salvaging. However, they could have grabbed the phone and called up Cash for Cars and gotten a quote for their junk car that would have sat gathering rust. Save the eyesore of a broken down, dilapidated car in your driveway and contact Cash for Cars today to get a great price for your vehicle.

Contact Us Today and Take Advantage of Free Towing and Removal

The choice has never been easier. Cash for Cars offers great rates for your broken down, damaged, or running vehicle and we will come pick it up free of charge. This saves you money and time, so you do not need to hire a towing company to come pick it up for you. Think your car won’t be worth any money? Even if your vehicle has been in an accident or is not running, we still want to buy it. If you are located in San Diego and have a used, running, not running, or junk vehicle that you need to get rid of, call Cash for Cars today to set up an appointment, and we may be able to get that piece of junk off your hands the same day. With great rates and great service, Cash for Cars San Diego can’t be beat!